Accelerator Pedal Assembly for Bolero Power+, Bolero, Bolero Pick-Up, Imperio, Nuvosport, Quanto, Scorpio, TUV300, TUV300 Plus, XUV500, Xylo



  • Product Type Miscellaneous Parts
  • Compatibility Bolero Power+, Bolero, Bolero Pick-Up, Imperio, Nuvosport, Quanto, Scorpio, TUV300, TUV300 Plus, XUV500, Xylo


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Below are the compatible variants for this part.

  • Bolero EX
  • Bolero LX UPCR
  • Bolero Pick-Up BMT Plus CNG
  • Bolero Pick-Up BMT Plus Extra Strong
  • Bolero Pick-Up BMT Plus UPCR
  • Bolero Pick-Up FB BSIV Extra Long
  • Bolero Pick-Up FB BSIV Extra Long 1.7 T
  • Bolero Pick-Up FB Extra Strong 1.3T & 1.5T
  • Bolero Plus UPCR
  • Bolero Power+ LX
  • Bolero Power+ SLE
  • Bolero Power+ SLX
  • Bolero Power+ ZLX
  • Bolero SLE UPCR
  • Bolero SLX UPCR
  • Bolero ZLX UPCR
  • Imperio DC
  • Imperio DC VX
  • Imperio SC
  • Imperio SC VX
  • Nuvosport N4
  • Nuvosport N4+
  • Nuvosport N6
  • Nuvosport N6 AMT
  • Nuvosport N8
  • Nuvosport N8 AMT
  • Quanto C2
  • Quanto C4
  • Quanto C6
  • Quanto C8
  • Scorpio EX Refresh
  • Scorpio LX Refresh
  • Scorpio S10 MT
  • Scorpio S11
  • Scorpio S2
  • Scorpio S3
  • Scorpio S4/S4+
  • Scorpio S5
  • Scorpio S6/S6+
  • Scorpio S7
  • Scorpio S8
  • Scorpio S9
  • Scorpio SLE Refresh
  • Scorpio VLX Refresh
  • TUV300 Plus P4
  • TUV300 Plus P6
  • TUV300 Plus P8
  • TUV300 T10
  • TUV300 T10 AMT
  • TUV300 T4
  • TUV300 T4+
  • TUV300 T6
  • TUV300 T6+
  • TUV300 T6+ AMT
  • TUV300 T8
  • TUV300 T8 AMT
  • XUV500 G AT
  • XUV500 G AT Refresh
  • XUV500 W10 Refresh
  • XUV500 W11 AT
  • XUV500 W11 MT
  • XUV500 W4
  • XUV500 W4 Refresh
  • XUV500 W5 MT
  • XUV500 W6
  • XUV500 W6 Refresh
  • XUV500 W7 AT
  • XUV500 W7 MT
  • XUV500 W8
  • XUV500 W8 Refresh
  • XUV500 W9
  • XUV500 W9 Refresh AT
  • XUV500 W9 Refresh MT
  • Xylo D2 Refresh
  • Xylo D2 Refresh July'14
  • Xylo D4 Refresh
  • Xylo D4 Refresh July'14
  • Xylo E2
  • Xylo Genio
  • Xylo Genio DC
  • Xylo H4 Refresh July'14
  • Xylo H4/E4 Refresh
  • Xylo H8 Refresh July'14
  • Xylo H8/E8 Refresh
  • Xylo H9 Refresh July'14
  • Xylo H9/E9 Refresh


Expected Delivery in 8 to 10 days
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