Roger Car CRUTCH Easy Out Handle

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Are you looking for a device for getting in and out of the car which helps to those people having limited mobility due to recent surgery, back or leg problems, pregnancy, and overweight or for senior citizens
In most cases, people were always found searching for a suitable solution to this trouble and their answer is always YES, so read this further, it may help you or you may help others in solving this trouble…
Most of the time, we observe that people with old age or people having limited mobility due to recent surgery, back or leg problems, pregnancy, and overweight find it difficult to go in and come out of the car without the proper support system. Thus, to solve this problem Roger brings you an ergonomic rubber grip, CRUTCH, comes with built-in seat belt cutter, LED light and side-window breaker for emergencies. This CRUTCH can be used in the car door in vehicles that are low to the ground, as well as in a sedan, MUV or hatchback cars and SUV’s. This device reduces the burden of other people, who are assisting those people who need extra help.


  • Support for Easy In & Out: Roger CRUTCH helps elderly people or people having limited mobility due to recent surgery, back or leg problems, pregnancy, and overweight can take the easy support of this handle and can enter and exit the vehicle without struggling and without taking others’ help
  • Non-Slippery Grip Design: If you give more weight on it while using for getting into and out of a car, it will not slip and gives you firm grip and user will have no fear of falling down
  • In-built Extra Features: This multipurpose handle is not only used as an in-out handle support only, but the in-built features like LED light, seat belt cutter and side-window breaker are the extra features specially designed for the emergencies like for getting out, if trapped in the car
  • Fixed Into Door Latch: This device fits into car door latch, which gives good support for this handle. It will not allow handle to move, which helps in firm gripping
  • Comfortable for Patients: This device is very much useful for the patients of back pain, knee pain, and hip pain or for those who undergo surgeries; this device makes it so much easier for them to get in and out of the car
  • Completely Portable: This portable device is very lightweight and compact so easy to use and easy to carry. One can carry this small handle in a handbag or can keep it in a car’s glove box
  • No Vehicle Modification Required: To use this device, you do not require any kind of modifications to your car. To use this, you just have to put this device in car’s door latch
  • Works on Both passenger and Driver Side of Car: This multipurpose device can be used on both doors and sides of the car as per the need
  • Sturdy Design: This portable device is made of forged steel handle with non-slip hand grip so it is very sturdy and can handle a maximum weight of 150 kgs


  • 12 Months


  • Product dimensions: 12 cms L x 7 cms B x 19 cms H
  • Product weight: 0.27 Kg

Brand Roger
Product Type Crutch
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