Roger CARONIZER Air Purifier

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For Respiration, Negative ions are good and positive ions are bad. Negative ions are most prevalent in natural places like river banks, sea shore, upon mountains etc. where the air is constantly flowing. Positive ions can seem more on places where air circulation is stagnant, like carpet, concrete, cloths, leather etc. Caronizer is a unique compact device which reduces positive ions from the air effectively. You just have to attach the device with a cigarette lighter and it starts working promptly and within a few minutes it cleans the entire air efficiently. The air inside your car can be one of the most unhygienic environments you spend time in as sweat and odors get trapped in the upholstery while the dashboard and the fabric itself releases toxins with a variety of potentially hazardous compounds. Generally, people keep their car sealed when they are driving around. Most people will use their air conditioner during the summer and run the heater during the winter. Therefore, the toxins and hazardous gases and microorganisms are trapped inside the car. This can cause fatigue that could lead to dangerous lapses of concentration on driving.


The air purification indicator light functioning:

• Light blue color indicates, device is ON and is sensing the air quality
• Red color indicates, Air is impure
• Green color indicates, Air is partially cleaned
• Dark blue color indicates, Air is cleaned at its maximum

Reports: In surveys conducted in America, Hungry, Japan and Britain, it revealed that due to vehicles’ operation, positive ions are generated which creates lapses in concentration of drivers and that causes most of the accidents.


  • 12 Months


  • Product dimensions: 19.5 cms L x 7 cms B x 25 cms H
  • Product weight: 0.65 Kg

Brand Roger
Product Type Car Air Freshener
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