Mahindra XUV500

Ex-showroom Price (MUMBAI ) ₹1,257,683
Est. On Road Price
Est. On Road Price* ₹1,257,683
* Actual On Road Price at the dealership may vary.
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10, Stone Building, Opp. Girgaon Chowpat Mumbai-400004 Maharashtra India


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  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Transmission Automatic,Manual
  • Engine cc 1997
  • Seater 7
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Special Offer on Mahindra XUV500
Dealer Offer +
Additional Rs 5000 worth Accessories from M2ALL
  • W4: Cash Discount 25000 + Corporate Discount 10000 + Exchange Offer 15000

  • W6: Cash Discount 25000 + Corporate Discount 10000 + Exchange Offer 15000

  • W8: Cash Discount 25000 + Corporate Discount 10000 + Exchange Offer 15000

  • W10: Cash Discount 25000 + Corporate Discount 10000 + Exchange Offer 15000

  • W6 AT: Cash Discount 25000 + Corporate Discount 10000 + Exchange Offer 15000

  • W8 AT: Cash Discount 25000 + Corporate Discount 10000 + Exchange Offer 15000

  • W10 AT: Cash Discount 25000 + Corporate Discount 10000 + Exchange Offer 15000


Static bending projector headlamps with stylish light guides

These high-intensity projector headlamps put daylight between the New Age XUV500 and its competition. They have the unique ability of lighting up curves when you turn the steering to tackle one. So there will never be a surprise around the corner.

Stylish front grille With chrome inserts

The Stylish Front Grille with Chrome Inserts serves a perfect compliment to the chic front end, thus giving a premium and classy look to the vehicle.

Stylish fog lamps with chrome bezel

The Stylish New Fog Lamps With Chrome Bezel accentuate the premium front of the New Age XUV500, and the black accents around them make a striking impact much like the tear ducts on a cheetah’s face.

Muscular Bonnet with Hydraulic Assist

The new contoured bonnet resembles the strong and muscular shoulders of the cheetah.

Stylish New 43 cm (17-inch) Alloy Wheels

(available with dual tone exteriors).

Pronounced Wheel Arches

The strong shoulder and Pronounced Wheel Arches give the XUV500 an aggressive and macho stance.

Window Chrome Lining

The Chrome Linings along the windows make the side view of the New Age XUV500 more contemporary.

Rear chrome applique

The Chrome Applique at the rear leaves a long lasting impression.

Dual-Tone dashboard with integrated cluster hood

The black & beige theme of the new dual-tone dashboard makes the interior look more premium.

Sporty Aluminium Pedals

The new Sporty Aluminium Pedals blend comfort with class in the New Age XUV500.

Icy blue Lounge Lighting

The Icy Blue Lounge Lighting with its adjustable intensity feature ensures a luxurious ambience.

Illuminated Scuff Plates

The Illuminated Scuff Plates welcomes you in your XUV500 with style.


The New Age XUV500 offers a wide range of 4 variants with Automatic Transmission. Whether you’re on an off-road adventure, or steering through city traffic, every drive in the XUV500 Automatic is guaranteed to be hassle-free.

Electric Sunroof with Anti-Pinch

The new premium interiors redefine luxury. But the most striking thing you'll find inside is the view outside. Fitted with a new Electric Sunroof with Anti-Pinch, you are now guaranteed a thrilling experience from every angle.

First-In-Class logo projection lamps on ORVMs

Let the whole world talk about this unique hi-end feature in your very own New Age XUV500. The Logo Projection Lamps signal your arrival in great style.

6-Way power-adjustable driver’s seat

A tailor-made throne awaits you on the inside. But there’s more to it than just the luxurious leather that meets the eye. The driver’s seat is power adjustable in 6 different ways. So you’re ensured comfort and convenience, all in one.

Push-Button Start/Stop

All you need is to have this key inside the car…be it in your pocket or in your bag. To switch on the engine, press the clutch first and then push this button.

Passive Keyless Entry

With the new Passive Keyless Entry, you don’t have to use your key nor do you have to press any remote to unlock the New Age XUV500. Just keep the key in your pocket and press this small button on the door handle and the vehicle will unlock on its own.

18 cm (7-inch) Touchscreen Infotainment System with GPS/USB Audio/Video/Picture viewer

The new 18 cm (7-inch) Touch Screen Infotainment System with a full-fledged Driver Information System that diligently reports all the vital information about your car. It tells you how far the existing amount of fuel can take you. It monitors the air pressure and temperature of each tyre. It even controls the cabin temperature.

Reverse Parking Camera with Dynamic Assist

The New Age XUV500 comes with a new dynamic rear view camera. Even in the smallest of spaces and crowded conditions, you will experience ease during reverse parking. Its Dynamic Parking Assist feature enables you to reverse your vehicle exactly the way you want. Its angular parking and parallel parking feature will ensure that you are able to park your vehicle effortlessly.

Mahindra BLUE SENSE®

With the Mahindra BLUE SENSE, you can sync your mobile device with the infotainment system and listen to the music stored in your mobile. You can change the source, increase or decrease volume, play/pause, change tracks using your mobile. You can also see various vehicle parameters like the tyre pressure, vehicle mileage, distance to empty on your mobile and even control the HVAC system sitting anywhere in the car.

Brake Energy Regeneration System

Brake Energy Regeneration is regenerative braking technology in which additional electrical energy is generated through the alternator while braking or deceleration, and is preserved in the battery. This optimization process of electrical energy generation leads to reduce fuel consumption of fuel energy. Moreover, the generation process is disabled during acceleration, which reduces load on the engine. This leads to improvement in vehicle performance.

Voice Messaging System

The driver gets voice alerts in situations like seat belt alert, door open alert, low engine oil pressure and so on through the New Voice Messaging System.


The Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System monitors the air pressure & temperature of the tyres and aids in achieving optimal fuel efficiency, better manoeuvring and braking ability. The system will provide alerts in case of low air pressure, high air pressure, high tyre temperature and air leakage from any of the tyres. The Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System continues to provide an alert until the problem is rectified.

Driver information system

The full-fledged Driver Information System diligently reports all the vital information about your car. It tells you how far the existing amount of fuel can take you, monitors the air pressure and temperature of each tyre, controls the cabin temperature, and gives you average fuel efficiency and the distance-to-empty reports.

Micro Hybrid Technology

The advanced Micro Hybrid Technology helps conserve both nature and fuel. It automatically puts the engine into standby mode 2.5 seconds after you shift the gear into neutral at a signal or in bumper-to-bumper traffic. When you step on the clutch, the vehicle roars to life immediately giving you higher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Smart Wiper Headlamps

Once you have activated the smart rain-sensing wipers, they not only begin their function automatically, but also adapt their speeds to the intensity of rain. Likewise, when you activate the intelligent light-sensing headlamps while passing through a dark patch – say, a tunnel – the automatic light sensors switch ON the headlights and tail lamps to keep your path and the vehicle well illuminated and visible at all times.

103 kW (140 bhp) mHawk Engine

The authoritative exterior promises unbridled excitement. And the mHawk140 engine lives up to this promise.

The 2.2 ltr. power plant delivers an output of 103 kW (140 bhp) and an impressive torque of 330 Nm. And the 5th generation variable geometry turbocharger ensures instantaneous acceleration taking it from 0 to 60 kmph in a mere 5.4 seconds.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

The New Age XUV500 offers an Improved Fuel Efficiency of 16 kmpl*

6-Speed Transmission

The 6 speed transmission enables two overdrives, which help in optimum engine torque and speed, resulting in better fuel economy and acceleration.

All wheel drive (AWD)

Whether it’s heavy rain, snow, ice or a slippery surface, the intelligent All Wheel Drive technology developed by Borg Warner ensures your vehicle is always in control.

It also ensures better drivability, with a seamless transition from 2WD to AWD without any driver intervention. The AWD is further fortified with NexTrac™, the next generation, electronically-controlled, on-demand, Interactive Torque Management System. Altogether giving you unmatched handling prowess.

Monocoque construction

This is the essence of the XUV500's uncompromised driving dynamics. The Monocoque Construction is found only in the most modern SUV's around the world.

Here, the XUV500's body and platform are integrated into a single unit. The result is an excellent power to weight ratio, dream-like handling and undiluted driving pleasure. The XUV500 is also the country's first indigenously developed monocoque SUV with the first transverse engine offering from Mahindra.

Dual Mass Flywheel

The Dual Mass Flywheel reduces engine noise, vibration and harshness significantly and delivers a comfortable and smooth gear shift feel. This makes the New Age XUV500 powertrain one of the most refined in the market.

6 Airbags (Front, Side And Curtain)

6 Airbags reinforce your safety in the New Age XUV500. Driver & passenger airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags keep any impact from reaching you. The vehicle’s body also comes with side impact beams and thoughtfully located crumple zones. They don’t just absorb crash energy, but redirect it around the passenger compartment as well.

Electronic stability programme (ESP 9) with Rollover Mitigation

The Electronic stability programme (ESP 9) with Rollover Mitigation is always on high alert and constantly monitors the movement and direction of the car. When it detects loss of control, brakes are automatically applied and torque to the relevant wheel is reduced till vehicle stability is restored. Rollover Mitigation identifies potentially dangerous driving conditions that could lead to the vehicle rolling over. Well before the situation becomes threatening, it causes the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP 9) with Rollover Mitigation system to intervene and control the vehicle speed, thereby restoring stability. Rest assured, the only thing that'll go out of control is your heartbeat!

Hill descent & Hill hold control

Hill Descent Control identifies steep inclines and engages itself to assist the vehicle down the slope with caution.
While Hill Hold Control prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when starting from standstill on an incline.

ABS with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD)

ABS with EBD reduces braking distance substantially and enhances the safety of the driver and passengers. EBD ensures that based on the rate of deceleration during braking, the brake force is varied such that the rear wheels never lock preventing the vehicle from going into a spin. The force is varied between front and rear based on wheel reaction and rate of deceleration. The Hydraulic Brake Assist System applies maximum braking force in the shortest possible time during emergency braking, thus aiding you in bringing the vehicle to a standstill quicker.

All Wheel Disc Brakes

The New Age XUV500 is equipped with all wheel disc brakes on all four wheels. The key advantages of all wheel disc brakes include lower pedal travel, which results in a better pedal feel, and high thermal dissipation, which results in lower fade of braking at high speeds and repeated braking situations. The benefit of all four wheels being equipped with all wheel disc brakes is a lower variation in brake performance between left hand and right hand brake assemblies. This results in better vehicle stability while braking, and a consistency in brake performance, which results in optimizing and improved ABS and ESP 9 performance. Also, the Integral Parking Brake Calipers on rear ensure lower parking brake lever efforts. Hence, all four disc brakes aid in achieving reduced stopping distance and improved vehicle stability during braking.

Plush new beige leather seats

A tailor-made throne awaits you on the inside. But there's more to it than just the supple leather that meets the eye. The front seats are bolstered to keep you in place during high-speed cornering. The driver's seat is adjustable in 6 different ways with full lumbar support. You will also enjoy the best-in-class 2nd row space in the New Age XUV500.

6-Way power-adjustable driver’s seat

A tailor-made throne awaits you on the inside. But there’s more to it than just the luxurious leather that meets the eye. The driver’s seat is Power Adjustable in 6 different ways. So you’re ensured comfort and convenience, all in one.

FATC with dual HVAC

Fully Automatic Temperature Control with Dual HVAC and vents in each row creates an atmosphere of sheer exclusivity. The FATC allows you to set a cabin temperature and maintains it automatically without requiring your attention or intervention.

Tilt and Telescopic Power Steering

The New Age XUV500 steering wheel comes with both Tilt and Telescopic adjustment to suit both your driving position and your driving style.

Sporty Suspension

The Sporty Suspension of the New Age XUV500 gives a lot of room for fun, thanks to the McPherson struts up front and the independent multilink suspension in the rear.

Reverse Parking Camera with dynamic assist

The New Age XUV500 comes with a new dynamic rear view camera. Even in the smallest of spaces and crowded conditions, you will experience ease during reverse parking. Its dynamic parking assist feature enables you to reverse your vehicle exactly the way you want. Its angular parking and parallel parking feature will ensure that you are able to park your vehicle effortlessly.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control allows you to put your XUV500 in auto-pilot mode. It makes driving stress and fatigue-free, especially on long highway drives. It maintains the speed of the XUV500 at a preset level and allows you to make small changes to the speed without having to use the accelerator.

Driver Express-up Window with Anti-Pinch

The Express-Up feature with Anti-Pinch adds to the convenience while you drive the New Age XUV500. Just pull the power window switch once and release it, the window will roll up automatically. And in case of any obstruction, the rolling of the window stops and it retracts automatically.

Power foldable and power adjustable ORVMs

Power Foldable and Power Adjustable ORVMs ensure your peace of mind when you park. Electrically controlled ORVMs can be adjusted and folded from the comfort of your seat. ORVMs fold and unfold automatically when you lock and start the vehicle.

Follow-me-home headlamps

The New Age XUV500 is equipped with Follow-me-home Headlamps that stay ON after you have parked the car to guide you back safely home from dark parking lots. Lamps can be turned on and off as required using the remote key.

Flexi Seat Configuration for convenient storage

The New Age XUV500 is a 7-seater SUV with flexible seating option to comfortably accommodate 7 passengers. It can also become a 5-seater by folding the 3rd row seats to expand the boot space to 702L. Even the 2nd row seats can be folded to further expand the boot space to 1512L.

Cool Box on Center Console

Thoughtfulness is sewn into every detail of the New Age XUV500. The Cool Box located on the center console fits everyone's preferences and its convenient placement makes it accessible to all passengers.

Glove box with laptop holder

The New Age XUV500 sports a carefully designed Glove Box that allows you to slip your laptop in, articulating the thoughtfulness and passion behind every feature design. Additionally the glove box is provided with a glove box lamp which turns ON automatically when you open it and turns OFF when you close it.

Lead-me-to-vehicle headlamps

The New Age XUV500 is equipped with Lead-me-to-vehicle Headlamps that come on automatically when the vehicle is unlocked, along with the entry assist lamps located on the ORVMs at night. This helps you get a better view leading to the vehicle and the lamps can be turned on and off using the remote key.

Audio Control on Steering

Adjust the volume, switch radio channels or audio modes right from the steering wheel. This lets the eyes never leave the road and music can be enjoyed without any distractions.

Voice Commands with voice recognition and SMS read out

To express your desires, mere words are enough. Voice commands, together with Blue Sense technology, lets you take wireless, vocal control of a number of systems like radio, USB, iPod, Bluetooth audio and Auxillary in.

Auto Lock & Unlock

The New Age XUV500's smart system will lock the vehicle automatically when the car begins moving and unlocks the vehicle automatically when the ignition is turned off. The system also unlocks the vehicle and switches on the hazard lamps automatically in case of any accident, thereby increasing the safety for the passengers inside the vehicle.

Digital Immobilizer

The New Age XUV500's remote keyless entry system is backed by an anti-theft warning system and the latest generation immobilizer. These features protect your XUV500 from unauthorized access and significantly reduce the possibility of the car being stolen.

Rear wash, wipe & defogger

Rear Wash, Wipe and Defogger are standard on the New Age XUV500, enhancing your rear visibility especially in inclement weather, increasing the safety while driving.

Camping Light

The Camping Light proves to be handy when you are hosting those lovely campfire parties at the beach or during a trek.

Mahindra XUV500 Price List (Variants)

All Variants Ex-Showroom Price Compare
  • Automatic
  • Diesel
  • 2179cc
  • 13 Kmpl
Book now
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 2179cc
  • 13 Kmpl
Book now
  • Automatic
  • Diesel
  • 2179cc
  • 13 Kmpl
Book now
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 2179cc
  • 13 Kmpl
Book now
W4 FWD-NEW-2.2
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 2179cc
  • 13 Kmpl
Book now
  • Automatic
  • Diesel
  • 2179cc
  • 13 Kmpl
Book now
W6 FWD-NEW-2.2
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 2179cc
  • 13 Kmpl
Book now
W6 AT 2WD 7S
Book now
W10 AT 2WD 7S
Book now
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W10 2WD 7S
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W4 2WD 7S
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W6 2WD 7S
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W9 2WD BS4
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360 degrees

Dolphin Grey
  • Dolphin Grey
  • Moondust Silver
  • Opulent Purple
  • Pearl White
  • Sunset Orange
  • Volcano Black
Customer Reviews
4.9 6 Ratings 6 Reviews
5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star
Customer Reviews 5 of 6 Reviews
  • 5

    I have a Pearl White XUV500 W8 and i have done around 9K kilometers with my car. Overall, a fantastic car ( apart from fit and finish quality inside the car) to own and self drive. I have got very good economy till date it averages out around 13.4 to 13.6 in city condition and highway around 16.6 to 16.8. These numbers are great for a car of this size and my only concern is the quality of service from the dealers. Hope Mahindra works on that asap. Thanks all and happy driving. Mohan@Mysore, Karnataka.

    Mohan on September 15, 2017
  • Incredibly impressive - XUV500 5

    I ended up purchasing a brand-new top of the line XUV500 after selling off a 3-series which got me problems. One chief reason for my purchase is that the XUV had acres of space between the 1st row and 2nd row, albeit the third row is suitable only for kids. Furthermore, the stupendous features that the vehicle showcases (from the stellar navigation to the awesome sunroof) were other alluring factors. I also liked the high ground clearance of circa 200mm as opposed to the 165mm on the low-slung sedans. Almost all my relatives have fallen in love with the SUV, particularly when we embark on long-drives. Thanks Mahindra & M2ALL.

    Akhil Dixit on September 4, 2017
  • 5

    Awsome experiance

    Akshay on September 4, 2017
  • XUV500 - The Powerful Beast 5

    Exterior Cheetah inspired exterior looks definetly draw eyes towards it. Chrome used at right places at right amount. Proper SUV look this vehicle has.

    Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Seen lots of improvement in the interior quality & it looks fresh interiors as compared to old one. But still i will make a point there is a lot of scope to mahindra to improve plastic quality & fitings of it.

    Best in class features is been offered at quiet good price , addition of sun roof makes it class apart. Driving with cruise control on was bliss.

    First & second row seating is very well spacious . Seats are comfortable at suitable angle with proper underthigh support. Third row seating is bit narrow but still its better i felt i compared to other cars with third row.

    Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Its 2.2 litre engine does proper justice. It delivers excellent power specially at higher gears. Driven car with full compliment on hilly areas , never felt any drag Or under power.

    Fuel economy in the city is around 9-11 & on highways around 15-16 Kmpl. Gear shift quality need further improvement, need to be more smooth.

    Ride Quality & Handling Ride quality & handling is smooth.

    Final Words Definetly the best deal we can get which offers space, power, appealing looks , features of 20 lacs + cars at better pricing.

    Areas of improvement NA.

    Amarkant Shah on September 4, 2017
  • 5

    Great Car!

    Nidhi on September 4, 2017
  • Truly Premium ! 4

    I bought the W10 in October 2016 after trying and test driving almost all SUVs in the range of 15-18 Ls. Mahindra has changed a lot after collaborating with the Italian design firm and that shows in the new age XUV500. It would be least to say the this car beats almost everyone in that price tag with regards to Software, Features, Interiors, Exteriors and its heart, the Engine !

    Murtaza on June 3, 2017

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