10 Car Accessories Every Car Owner Should Have

If you own a car, you most definitely know how frustrating it can get when your tyres suddenly deflate in the middle of the nowhere. You also hate it when it starts to rain and there is no way you can cover your car. Sometimes, you desperately crave the extra space to keep your small items in an organized way. We know of some essential car accessories that you must have so that your life gets easier.


1. Car Mobile Charger

Does it take you hours to reach a place because of the sluggish traffic? Does your phone drain out quickly? With today’s phones getting better by the day, their battery lives are draining fast. Often ignored by many, a mobile charger is a must when you have to travel for hours. Having a mobile charger is a must for long drives as well as short trips because, you never know when your phone might run out of juice!


Car Charger - M2ALL

2. Body Cover

Who loves the random bird droppings coupled with the layer of dust on their cars? No one. A body cover is dust-resistant, water-resistant and it protects your car from getting dirty. They are light, durable and are made from high-quality materials like Tyvek and Polyethylene Fabric. It is useful when you are out on a vacation and want to make sure your car stays clean even if you are not there to keep an eye on it. If you don’t have a garage, you can use a body cover to cover your car from the top to the bottom.

Body Cover - M2ALL


3. Air Freshener

Ever walk into your car to find the disgusting smell of small food crumbs and soggy clothes? Is the rotting smell “driving” you crazy? Having an air freshener is the one fragrant solution to this problem. The air fresheners come in multiple sizes and fragrances. This is the secret for those pleasant rides you have always desired. Having a nice smell in your car is known to increase the happy hormones in your body. So, don’t deny yourself the happiness you deserve!


Air Freshener - M2ALL


4. Mobile Holder

Most of us depend on phones for finding routes to new places while we are traveling. We have become used to the GPS so much that we need it to find the best possible way to reach a destination. In such cases, having a mobile phone holder makes driving safer for the driver. The mobile holder is easy to mount and it stays intact. You don’t have to risk looking at the phone every time while finding the route and not looking at the road.


Mobile Holder


5. Automatic Tyre Inflator

I’m sure you must have been stuck in the middle of nowhere because one of your tyres got flat. Manually pumping the tyre is exhausting. This is where advanced technology comes into use. An Automatic Tyre Inflator is lightweight, portable and can be used to not only inflate tyres. It can be used to inflate inflatables like footballs and portable pools. It can sit nicely in your car trunk and it is a blessing to have this during emergencies.

Auto Tyre Inflator - M2ALL


6. Backseat Organizer

This Backseat Organizer is the car accessory for those who love to keep their books, electronics like phone chargers and USB cables, and other items in an organized manner. It is easy-to-carry, foldable and can be easily strapped on to the seats. The organizer has big pockets which can hold many things at once, while fitting your car seat perfectly. It is the perfect way to keep all your belongings in one spot!

Backseat Organiser - M2ALL


7. Seat Covers

If there is one thing that can make your car interiors look from ordinary to fantastically extraordinary, it is seat covers. Most of the cars have standard seat covers, which are pretty basic. There are tons of seat covers in different materials (Leather, Fabric) and looks (Premium Leather, Sporty). You can customize your seats with your choice of material and look. You can also use seat covers to show off your personality.


Seat Covers - M2ALL


8. Cleaning Cloth

A lot of you keep small, dirty and worn-out pieces of cloth in the car to clean it. But, this is the worst thing you can do for your car as it damages your expensive paint, and it doesn’t really remove the fine dust settled on your car. So, it is recommended that you buy a separate cleaning cloth like Car Mitt, Microfiber Cloth or Sponge, which is easy on your car but tough on the dust and dirt on the car. The material is soft, specially made so that it traps the dust in itself, leaving the car spotlessly clean.


9. Parking Sensors

At times, it gets impossible to park your car without bumping into a wall or a nearby car. In such instances, having a parking sensor aids you to park your car without getting any dents and scratches. Parking sensors are now the modern way to park your car hassle-free. They are now the eyes of the drivers, helping in precise parking.


Parking Sensor - M2ALL


10. Floor Mats

In my opinion, the most ignored part of a car is its floor. Most of the car owners do not change the floor mats which is provided in the car. But those mats can wear out quickly. Floor mats are the stylish protective layer that makes your car look and feel good. Floor mats protect the car from the dust and dirt coming off your shoes. The mats are washable and durable, made from PVC, which is tough and resistant to damage.


Floor Mat - M2ALL

These are the essential car accessories on must have in case of any emergency. Some of these make your car look amazing, while others protect your car from the unforeseen damages, while others are needed to make any ride comfortable and enjoyable. All in all, these accessories make your car run smoothly for years!

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