Alloy Wheels Vs Steel Wheels – Which is Better?

5th July 2019, Posted by : admin

Alloy Wheels Vs. Steel Wheels - M2ALL

Every car owner makes sure that he or she uses ONLY the best for his car, like owning the best car accessories so that his or her car looks and feels the best. There is a huge variety for the customers to accessorize their vehicle, where he or she can go online as well as in stores. With so many options available, it gets difficult for every car owner to choose!

One such tough choice is to choose between alloy wheel and steel wheels. Wheels are one of the most important components of the car, which carry your car. They can be quite expensive, but they can make all the difference in the way your car looks and feels while driving!


ALLOY WHEELS: The better choice?

In simple terms, alloy is a mixture of metals and other elements. Alloy wheels are usually a mixture of Aluminum and nickel.

They are stronger than pure metals. Nowadays, alloy wheels are standardized in almost all cars. They are also considered as a better choice as they give your car the classy look while helping in giving you a better performance as well!

An alloy of aluminum and nickel is much lighter in nature as compared to stainless steel as a result of which it gives faster pick up acceleration and quicker stopping. Alloy wheels also give a more stylish and posh look to your car.

Another amazing quality they acquire is that alloy wheels do not rust at all. They might corrode a little which will create some white patches on it. But now a days all alloy wheels come with a special coating which provides them from corroding. Even though they are a tad bit on the expensive side they are a very good product to invest in as they give so many more advantages and go on for a longer period of time.

With all such benefits, alloy wheels are indeed a better choice!

STEEL WHEELS: Are they really worth the compromise?

Steel wheels are made from using steel (a combination of Iron and Carbon). One of the main benefits of using steel wheels is the long-lasting durability. Cracking a steel wheel is quite hard . But, steel is prone to rust. So, it is better if you apply a coat of paint.

The major difference between steel wheels and alloy wheels is the price. Steel wheels are much cheaper ass compared to alloy wheels. They can be hammered down again to their original shape if they bend.  Bending alloy wheels, on the other hand, is rather difficult. Steel wheels have a higher chance of rusting. They are heavier in nature because of which they do not provide quicker acceleration

In the end, it is up to you to decide that which type of wheels are more beneficial and better for your car and make the right choice accordingly!

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