Make Your Marazzo Uber-Stylish with JUST 20K!

Marazzo is called the ‘SHARK’ due to its elegant design, stealth and the power under the hood! Marazzo has the design that has the whole town talking!  

Looking to make your Marazzo THE CAR people talk about? Here’s a few Mahindra Marazzo accessories that are guaranteed to do not just that, but also make it Uber-Stylish! And the best part, you will only have to spend under 20K, not even a single rupee above that!

1. Mahindra Marazzo High Fog Lamp Set (OE) with Wiring Kit and Switch (Price = ₹5,769)

Marazzo Fog Lights with Chrome Fittings - M2ALL

Usually used to help you drive safely in dark and foggy conditions, this Fog Lamp Set is one of the dual-use car accessory, which also helps in the aesthetics of the car. This Fog lamp Set is specially made to give your Marazzo a Smart look. The Lamp Set also has Premium Chrome Strips on the border, giving the Fog Lamps a fine look. This small, yet a highly useful addition will make heads turn, effortlessly.

2. Mahindra Marazzo Rain Visor with Chrome Strips (Set of 6) (Price for a set of 6 = ₹2,253)

Marazzo Chrome Rain Visors - M2ALL

We often see rain visors on cars, especially during monsoons. But, they can add a rather dull look to your car. These Rain Visors have an exquisite chrome strip on the top. The strip are just for mere decoration, but they just make boring visors look so cool. 

3. Mahindra Marazzo Illuminated Scuff Plate Set (Price = ₹2,217)

Marazzo Illuminated Scuff Plates - M2ALL

Flaunt your love for your Mahindra Marazzo in Style! This is a fancy scuff plate set which adds a certain flamboyance to your Marazzo. Whenever you are taking a few friends out for a drive, this small car accessory is sure to impress! There’s also scuff plates available without any lighting, if you like that.

4. Mahindra Marazzo Premium Seat Cover Set (Price for the set = under ₹8,000)

Marazzo Premium Seat Covers - M2ALL

While we want the car to look good on the outside, we tend to forget the interiors. Sometimes, we even forget to look at the most basic thing in any car – the seats. Awesome-looking Seats can make your Marazzo from ‘Blah’ to ‘Waah’! The seat covers are available in different looks – right from sporty to quilt to even Premium Leather! These seat covers, made from premium quality materials, give your car a snazzy look!

5. Mahindra Marazzo Logo Projector Lamp Set (Price = ₹890)

Marazzo Logo Projector - M2ALL

You can’t go wrong with choosing this! Show off your love for your Marazzo with this handy and cute Logo Projector Lamp Set, which will brightly show you the logo of Marazzo. The details in the logo is so intricate, you can even see the fin of the shark! The logo is projected every time the door is opened. This little addition will up your Marazzo’s ante like no other car accessory!

6. Mahindra Marazzo Premium Leather Steering Cover (Price = ₹850)

Marazzo Steering Cover - M2ALL

If there’s something that is the epitome of Class, it has to be Leather! This steering cover, made exclusively to give your Marazzo the stylish look, is available in 2 colours: Grey and Black. The steering cover feels smooth yet frim to hold to. Apart from the looks, it also protects your steering wheels from getting dirty.

You won’t have to go to the depths of the ocean to get these accessories for your Shark! You are just a click away to take the majesty of your Marazzo to the next level!

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