Sunshades for cars – How important are they?

15th May 2019, Posted by : admin

Sunshades XUV300- M2ALL

It is a long holiday weekend. You are planning a long road trip with your family and buddies. All the arrangements have been made. But, there is one thing that is discouraging you from getting your car out on the road. If you guessed it correctly, it is the scorching heat and the sun rays. But, this problem can be easily solved by using one simple, yet a life-saving accessory – sunshades.


Sunshades for Car- M2ALL

Uses of Sunshades for Cars

  • Sunshades can protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays by blocking the rays that come from outside.
  • On a lot of occasions, many find it frustrating to even sit in a boiling-hot car and this can ruin your entire trip. Since the sun rays do not enter inside the car due to sunshades, it keeps the internal car temperature cool and the mood chill.
  • It can also protect your car interiors from over-heating from sun rays. Sun rays have been notoriously known to cause damage to expensive seat covers, dashboards and other expensive items.
  • Superior quality, thick sunshades can also help in maintaining your privacy by blocking outsiders peep into your car.

You might have seen people at traffic signals selling poor quality sunshades for cheap prices. These may sound like a good deal because of its price, but, these will only end up hurting you and your car. So, it is critical to invest in good quality sunshades for cars.



Sunshade for car_ M2ALL
Sunshades block the harmful UV rays from entering the car.

Why use magnetic sunshades?

There are many types of sunshades– with Pull-up and Magnetic being widely used. The former is difficult to install and remove. It can even get faulty if used in a slight rough manner.

Magnetic sunshades, on the other hand, are easy to use. You can apply it easily on your car windows. It can stay intact even when the windows are down.  They provide far better protection and add an elegant look to your car.


Sunshades for Car - M2ALL
Magnetic Sunshades cover the whole window securely.


Buying magnetic sunshades is the best option for your Mahindra car as they are made to fit your car windows perfectly. Instead of buying some generic brand which will not only damage your car but also look out-of-place, buying Genuine Accessories from M2ALL is the best option.


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