Top 5 Car Accessories to Amp up your Marazzo!

Which is the car that is ‘Smooth as a Shark, Silent as a Shark’? If you guessed the brand-new Mahindra Marazzo, you’re right! Marazzo is one of the best safest family cars out there, with highest ratings in its class from the NCAP.

As the name suggests, it literally moves as fast as a shark and as silently as a one. Here are a few accessories that will help you make your shark look a lot more sporty, luxurious stylish and at the same time very comforting!

#1. Mahindra Marazzo Premium Roof Carrier Kit (With Bracket)

A roof carrier is a very important accessory in a car, especially for those who go on long trips. With extra space to put luggage on top of the car, this is the perfect accessory you need. Made up of high quality aluminium, this multi-utility Roof Carrier gives your car a very sleek profile without creating extra weight on the car. It comes with black brackets that give it a more flamboyant looks.

#2. Mahindra Marazzo ORVM Full Chrome Cover Set

Marazzo ORVM Chrome Set - M2ALL
This ORVM Chrome Set adds a Shiny, Bright Look!

The basic use of a chrome accessory is to add that shine that makes your car look extraordinary. So, it is a must to invest in a quality set of ORVM Chrome Cover Set, which look super dashing. They are made from superior quality 40-micron Chrome Plates. The shining mirror finish adds on to the majestic beauty of your SUV!

#3. Mahindra Marazzo Illuminated Scuff Plate Set

Marazzo Illuminated Scuff plate Set - M2ALL

Everyone loves to flaunt the thing they are proud of. Why not flaunt your beast, that too with vibrantly? For that, Illuminating scuff plate set is an amazing accessory to add to and flaunt your Marazzo. This small addition will upgrade the Style Quotient of your super-stylish car. The illuminating scuff plates give a bright LED light the moment you open the door, turning eyes towards itself and making every person to enter your car feel excited!

#4. Mahindra Marazzo Black Grey Seat Cover Set

Another important car accessory that is very essential and can also make your car look quite sporty is Seat Covers. Once you get your car the right set of seat covers, you won’t have to worry for a very long time. You can never go wrong with a Classic Black colored Vinyl Seat Cover (Vinyl is a water-resistant material), which will cost you approximately ₹7000.

#5. Mahindra Marazzo Floor Mats Set

Marazzo Floor Mats - M2ALL

There is something quite elegant about having premium-looking floor mats that just increases your car’s beauty. Te ones which are provided in your Marazzo may not be as chic and

Add these amazing accessories to your Mahindra Marazzo and you are ready to rule the road, in style!

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