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Mahindra E Alfa Passenger

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Buy the right Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Accessories

Mahindra appears to have done an excellent job with its subcompact vehicle, the Bolero Neo. The automotive maker has most likely benefited from its reputation over the previous two decades by renaming the model. And with the growing popularity of the automobile type, there comes an increased need for spare parts as well as accessories.

And when you already possess this car, it's time to spruce up the inside and exterior with some intriguing accessory options. On the other hand, authentic spare parts from m2all or World of Mahindra can be persuasive. The truth is that this platform has every genuine & authentic spare component for your car model – in this case, it's the Mahindra E-Alfa Mini.

You can search for the accessories for your favourite Mahindra E-Alfa Mini truck. Mahindra official accessories for the Electric Alfa Mini are only available through m2all. BodyGuard, Front Guard, Wheel Cover, Door Visor, Windshield Washer, Mud Flap, and more popular Electric Alfa Mini accessories are listed on the platform. Through the m2all platform, click check and click the right car accessories. And don't forget to check the details, pricing, and images.

Features of E-Alfa Vehicle

If you want to switch to the electric three-wheelers but are unsure about the right one to select, then Mahindra has the entry-level e-rickshaw E-Alfa mini on offer. It's perfect for the daily trips that you can manage affordably with a reliable battery alongside a high range.

The Mahindra E-Alfa Mini comes with a 48V 120Ah battery, sizable 3.2Nm torque, and a brushless DC motor of around 1000 W. The transmission happens to be the direct type. And the maximum speed is around 25 kmph, while its driving range is around 85 km on one charge.

Mahindra E Alfa Mini happens to be the all-electric passenger auto rickshaw manufactured by Mahindra that comes with a sizable battery range & a stronger built quality & durable aggregates. The auto-rickshaw is for the last-mile people mobility having seamless charging & lowest running cost during the time of expensive fuel prices. The wheelbase happens to be 2168mm, and it has an overall 995mm width alongside 1794 mm height. Its length is 2768mm.

Its brakes drum type & parking brakes happen to be mechanical cable type. Its front tyre is around 4.5 x 10 - 8 PR & rear 90/90 - 12 54 J. The e-auto gets equipped with chassis & cabin type, while the cabin is the standard day cabin.

The e-auto is pretty much comfortable for the passenger and driver. Its standard seats having ergonomic cushions may carry the driver & four-passenger easily on the terrain. Driver information display is offered in its driver cabin alongside the standard handlebar steering for seamless navigation.

Purchase E-Alfa vehicle parts from m2all

World of Mahindra or m2all happens to be a well-rewarded website. After all, it's the official portfolio of Mahindra, from where you can buy affordable car parts at a reasonable price. You don't require going to any dealer because that would make your purchase more costly and time-consuming. M2all is just a click away from you. All you need is to visit the portfolio and get your hands on the wonderful and sturdy vehicle parts at a reasonable price. 

At m2all, you will find a wide range of vehicle accessories too. For a commercial vehicle like the Mahindra e-alfa mini, you will find vehicle parts like:

ü AC system

ü Clutch system

ü Belts chains & rollers

ü Brake system

ü Body

ü Car accessories

ü Electric components 

ü Engine cooling system

ü Engine

ü Filters

ü Exhaust system

ü Repairing kits

ü Interior accessories for comfort

ü Lighting, etc.

So, do you require the Mahindra Alfa spare parts or accessories? Or is it high time to replace the worn-out or broken part of the car? Visit the m2all – Mahindra's exclusive official portal for Mahindra vehicle car spare parts and accessories! You are going to find any type of car part on this platform with a minimum expenditure of money and time!

So, if your Mahindra e-Alfa encountered an accident recently or you need to redefine its interior and exterior, the best way to enhance the car's aesthetics is by buying quality products. On this note, you will find car accessories and vehicle parts exclusively manufactured for the E-Alfa mini-vehicle. Visit the official website today to get a look at them.

In general, Mahindra is regarded for the line-up of SUVs in a country like India. You may find out genuine and authentic car accessories for Mahindra cars in its company portfolio. Consider choosing the right accessories for E-Alfa mini variant. You may also find out accessories for models such as:

The 2020 Thar
Bolero Neo
Shopping for the Mahindra car accessories becomes simpler with intuitive and simplistic searching filters alongside a customer-friendly process. 


Where should I find the right spare parts and car accessories for my Mahindra commercial vehicles like the e-Alfa mini?

If you own this auto-rickshaw, you can find the car accessories for this commercial vehicle from the official portal of Mahindra – World of Mahindra or m2all.

What are the signs that indicate buying a new engine from manufacturers?

Signs that indicate you to buy a new engine from platforms like m2all are:

·         Annoying noises

·         Loss of power

·         Rough running engine

·         Engine stalling

·         Gas mileage has decreased, etc.

Which e-Alfa mini-vehicle accessories are available on m2all?

Car accessories for your AC system, clutch system, belts chains & rollers, brake system, filters, lighting, interior & exterior accessories are available on the platform. If you want, you can visit the official portal and select your desired car accessory from there.

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