Maxicare DIY Kit m-Eco Wash Foam




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DIY Kit m-Eco Wash foam contains:Alternate method of car washing at home to SAVE WATER.
Uses only 990 ml of water to wash exterior of a car, saves 259 litre of water compared to conventional washing.
Cleaning is done using foam, dresser and wax that gives sparkling shine to exterior and interior of a car
All in One dresser effectively cleans tyre, plastic and rubber parts, leaving a smooth, non-oily surface finish. Protects plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces from UV and fading.
Wax Polish cleans and polishes painted surfaces and leaves a lasting protection on the paint together with a brilliant finish.
Microfibre Cloth prevents scratches on any kind of surfaces and cleans with or without chemical cleaners. Doesn’t leave any lint and can be used both inside and outside of the vehicle. Can be washed and reused several times.  

DIY Kit m-Eco Wash foam contains: m-Eco wash foam 100ml - 1 No; All In One Dresser 100 ml - 1 No; Wax Polish 100 ml - 1 No; Micro Fibre cloth - 1 No; Foam block - 1 No and Pouch bag - 1 No


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