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Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up Spare Parts

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Opt for Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up Accessories & Spare Parts

The 21st-century automobile industry has so much to offer to its loyal fans. Take Mahindra, for example! Besides the compact SUVs and bikes, this brand also introduces the best-in-class technologies with its commercial cars. And if you already own a Mahindra car and are facing problems with one of its parts, it’s time for a replacement! Note that not all car parts can get repaired. The ones that cannot need a replacement! On that note, check out the genuine and authentic Mahindra Bolero pick-up accessories and spare parts only on m2all.

A little about Mahindra Bolero Pick-up

Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up happens to be the most prominent light commercial vehicle in the land of India. Calling it one of the highest-selling models in the range is also not an exaggeration. The single product has established the brand as a formidable competitor in the fast-developing last-mile delivery segment in a land like India. 

This particular segment has grown in popularity over a couple of years because of the rising demand for services and goods in both semi-urban and urban areas. The Bolero Pik-Up got developed and designed considering sizes of all kinds. It offers enough power delivered by the modern engine, in addition to higher durability and greater mileage.

M&M has already expanded the Bolero Pick-Up range, catering to the mass markets. What it does is target the applications &payload needs in the last-mile transportation. Thus, it comes in different variants!

All the Mahindra Bolero Pik-Ups get powered by the m2DiCR 4 cylinder, DI, Turbocharged, 2.5L TB, 2,523cc engine having around 70hp at 3200 rpm &200Nm (20.39 kgm) at 1400-2200 rpm, 63 hpat 2200 rpm, 195 Nm at 1400-2200 rpm.

Emerging in prominence amongst the first buyers &transport entrepreneurs, this vehicle gets introduced in the market with superior performance. It delivers the longest cargo body, higher payloads, stronger aggregates that include tires, suspensions,and a modern cabin having higher ergonomics & utmost driver convenience.

Choosing authentic Mahindra Bolero Pick-up spare parts from m2all

The Bolero pick-up has become one of the most prominent light commercial vehicles manufactured by Mahindra for the Indian market. As a matter of fact, it’s also the highest-selling model considering the category of light commercial vehicles ever sold in the Indian market. The single product establishes Mahindra as the formidable player in this modern-world fast-growing world where the last-mile delivery segment has become so popular in the country today.

And the best platform from where you can get authentic and genuine spare parts for this vehicle is from m2all. But what makes m2all a standalone platform to choose the Mahindra Bolero pick-up spare parts and other accessories? To learn further on this front, let’s keep reading on.

Selecting the most authentic car parts from m2all will be a cost-effective move. After all, it facilitates increased & uninterrupted functionality of this commercial car. Nonetheless, most commercial vehicle owners commit the mistake of purchasing low-quality spare parts from the market only because they are available at a lower price.

However, suppose you consider yourself as a responsible commercial vehicle owner of the Mahindra Bolero pick-up. In that case, it’s time to buy the spare parts from m2all because they are of standard and premium quality. Products from the company portfolio will ensure no malfunctions, preventing any sort of vehicle breakdown. Buying premium quality, genuine, and authentic automobile parts will also prevent accidents and mishaps. The m2all platform introduces a set of genuine spare parts for this car variant.

Which authentic car parts can you find for Mahindra Bolero Pick-up on m2all?

Given below are the spare parts that the m2all platform offers to the users of Mahindra Bolero Pick-up. Let’s read through the following to understand them:

·         Hinge Assembly Hood

·         Decal Power Steering

·         Cable Assembly Hood

·         Instrument Panel

·         Decal Power Steering Centre Bearing

·         Decal Micro Hybrid

·         Spare Wheel Holding

·         Scorpio BS-IV Sticker

·         Housing Water Inlet

·         Pump Washer

·         Wheel Nut Alloy

·         Needle Roller

·         Sunroof Assembly Drain Hose

·         Rubber Insulator Bush

·         Thermostat Assembly

·         Clutch Kit

·         Hose Oil Cooler

·         Shock Absorber

·         Fuel Line Tank

Besides protecting you, your passengers, and your investments, genuine car parts also ensure the safety of the vehicle. The safety ratings of the vehicle take a car manufacturer’s hard work. Because these spare parts are tested, they offer incredible safety.

Crash testing gets performed with the new cars manufactured out of authentic parts. As modern vehicles are complicated systems, it’s better to get authentic car parts. For Mahindra Bolero pick-up, m2all has it all – from wheel nut alloy, needle roller, clutch kit, and oil cooler to fuel line tank, pump washer, and everything in between. When your commercial vehicle requires replacement parts following an accident, collision, or during the maintenance or servicing, now’s the time to opt for genuine parts.


1. What’s the best way to find a decent shock absorber from the market?

As the name suggests, shock absorbers dampen or shock the vehicle’s ride. The car undergoes the manner of shaking and bouncing from the road that includes speed bumps, potholes, quick starts, and more. Finding the right shock absorber from the market is daunting, so ensure that you perform your survey by demonstrating the types and costs.

2. Where can I get the right fuel line tank for Mahindra Bolero pick-up?

Visit Mahindra’s official portfolio, m2all, to get the right fuel line tank for Bolero pick-up.

3. Which vehicle’s spare parts and accessories can you find on m2all?

To put things simply, you can find all Mahindra vehicles’ parts and accessories starting from Bolero, Alfa, Thar, and so on.


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