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Blazo 25T (Tipper)

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Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper Genuine Spare Parts Online- It is Now a Reality

You will not find it easy to get access to 100% authentic and genuine Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper spare parts online. How is this possible and that too without any worries regarding authenticity of spare parts, pricing and availability issues? This is possible since we at m2all function as your one-stop option with regard to finding 100% genuine Mahindra spare parts and that too with a vast collection available for you to pick from. You can find spare parts in almost all categories without any difficulties whatsoever.

At the same time, you can also expect competitive and fair pricing since you are buying directly from the brand itself in a manner of speaking. We also make sure that you can order seamlessly, get deliveries swiftly and also avail of facilities like easy returns should you need to. We can also help you book your test drives quickly and minus any hassles whatsoever. You can also find spare parts and accessories for all other Mahindra vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. From the Mahindra XUV500 to the Mahindra Centuro, everything is available here at your fingertips.

The Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper- Durability Guaranteed

The Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper is a reliable and durable tipper truck which comes with innovative and smart technologies for conserving fuel. It is known for ensuring excellent fuel economy and is a viable choice in the mainstream construction segment as well. It comes with a 7.2 litre engine that makes high torque and power figures alongside. This mPower smart engine also comes with multi-mode switches in its arsenal. It comes with GVW of 25,000 kg while there is a nine-speed transmission system for the vehicle too. The tipper is ideally used throughout the construction and mining sectors and comes with a gargantuan fuel tank of 250 litres. It also has a day cabin and box body in its kitty. The tipper truck has roc and box body options along with diverse loading abilities alongside in tandem with power steering and an air braking setup as well.

Choosing from a vast collection of Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper Spare Parts

You can take your pick from a diverse collection of Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper spare parts in categories like clutch, brakes, controls, cabin, electricals, front axle, engine, gear shift mechanism, rear axle, propeller shaft, suspension and more. Some of the top spare parts include the following;


·        Hose Degas Tank Btm Cowl for Blazo 25T-37T

·        Lined Shoe Assembly Rear for Blazo, Truxo and Torro

·        Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Aus 32) for Blazo, Truxo and Torro (Pack of 20)

·        Bush Assembly Torque Rod for Blazo and Torro

·        Dosing Control Unit - Filter for Blazo

·        Fuel_Sensor_Water_Sep_Elect_Eng for Blazo

·        Element-Fuel Filter for Blazo

·        Flywheel Group  (Flywheel Complete) for Blazo

·        Pan, Lubrification Oil  (Oil Pan) for Blazo 25T

·        Filter Header Unit for Blazo

·        Relay Intermittent for Blazo 25T

·        Pipe Assembly Fuel Return for Blazo 25T

·        D Washer for Blazo 25T (Pack of 10)

·        Water Pump Assembly

·        Flasher 24V

·        1 Kit Lining Set Rear - Standard

·        Clutch Release Bearing

·        Starter Motor 24V Hcv

·        Micro Relay 24V 10A Nc Resistor (Pack of 2)

At m2all, we are always available with everything you need as a Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper owner.


1. Where do you find the best Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper spare parts?

The best place to find these spare parts is the m2all website.

2. What are some of the top spare parts options?

You can choose from options like the Starter Motor 24V Hcv, Flasher 24V, Micro Relay 24V 10A Nc Resistor (Pack of 2), and the Water Pump Assembly.

3. What are some of the vehicles for which spare parts are available at m2all?

Apart from the Mahindra Blazo 25T Tipper, you will find spare parts readily available for all other Mahindra vehicles, including four-wheelers, two-wheelers, three-wheelers and commercial vehicles.

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