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Truxo 25T (Haulage)


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Get genuine Mahindra Truxo 25T spare parts online

If you have been seeking a place to find all the genuine Mahindra spare parts for your Mahindra Truxo 25T haulage specialist, then you are at the right place. At m2all, a one-stop solution for 100% genuine spare parts and lots more, we make it our mission to help you find the best spare parts at all times with reliable deliveries, easy returns, and of course, the best and most competitive price points. You will now find m2all as your best destination for seeking access to the Mahindra Truxo 25T vehicle. This is one robust vehicle and is highly in demand throughout the country across various segments and categories.

Mahindra Truxo 25T- One of the best options available for meeting specific needs

The Mahindra Truxo 25T comes with various features and benefits for owners. Everyone who owns this robust vehicle can testify to its sheer power and durability above all else. The vehicle comes with a six-cylinder engine with displacement of a whopping 7200 cc along with maximum power and torque figures of 170 BHP and 820 Nm. You get the highly revered multi-haulage chassis of the truck which is majorly used for carrying 2-3 wheeler vehicles and other such products. The classic ladder-frame chassis is a major plus point along with its powerful engine and optimized engine and drivetrain, ensuring superior experiences overall for users.

Discovering Mahindra Truxo 25T spare parts online from a vast collection

At m2all, you will always have a huge collection of spare parts to choose from in case of the Mahindra Truxo 25T. These can be picked from categories like the front axle, gear shift mechanism, controls, clutch, electricals, engine, clutch, rear axle, suspension, steering and propeller shaft among others.

Some of the spare parts available for the Mahindra Truxo 25T include the following:


·        Clutch Release Fork for Truxo 25T

·        Gear - Reverse With Back Taper for Truxo 25T

·        Assembly Complete-Accelerator Pedal for Truxo 25T

·        Lined Shoe Assembly Rear for Blazo, Truxo and Torro

·        Oil Seal for Truxo 25T-1

·        Kit Bearing, Counter Shaft Front for Truxo 25T

·        U Bolt for Truxo 25T

·        Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Aus 32) for Blazo, Truxo and Torro (Pack of 20)

·        Bearing Needle for Truxo 25T

·        Synchronizer Cup 5Th/6Th for Truxo 25T

·        Kit Bearing, Input Shaft for Truxo 25T

·        Main Shaft for Truxo 25T

·        Clutch Cover Assy 395 Dia for Truxo 25T

·        Interior Lamp (Mpvi) for Truxo 25T

·        Water Pump Assembly

People also buy products in various categories like lube-filter spin on, cartridge water separator, fuel-filter paper element and the seal (valve stem) which is a 24-pack. It is not just the Mahindra Truxo 25t. You can find spare parts and accessories for all other Mahindra vehicles right from the Mahindra XUV500 to the Mahindra Centuro. All two and four wheelers from the brand are covered here in terms of spare parts along with trucks and other commercial vehicles.


1. Which is the best place to pick up spare parts for the Truxo 25T?

You will find the best and most authentic Mahindra Truxo 25T spare parts at m2all.

2. What are some of the spare parts available for the Mahindra Truxo 25T at m2all?

Some of these options include the water pump assembly, interior lamp and the main shaft among others.

3. How much power and torque does the Mahindra Truxo 25T engine make?

The Mahindra Truxo 25T makes 7200 cc as its displacement with power and torque figures of 170 BHP and 820 Nm respectively.

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