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1. What is the waiting period?

a. Fresh Bookings: we have a waiting period of 8 months.

b. Old bookings: for those who have booked earlier they will get the bike early as we have first come first serve policy. Delivery will start from MARCH 2019

2. Manufacturing Year of the Bike

a. 2019

3. What if dealer is not available in customer location? Response?

a. Appreciate your interest and passion for the brand Jawa. We are in the process of expanding the network. The first stage of Dealership openings are over.

b. We are registering your interest and will get back to you when we come to your city.

4. How many models are there?

a. There are 2 models with 9 colors.



5. What is the difference between these models?

a. The engineering the same but have 2 separate design philosophies.

6. How much do they cost?

Model Ex Showroom (Delhi) Road Tax Smartcard+ HSRP + Reg. charges Insurance Zero Dep- On Road (Delhi)
JAWA 164000 13510 @1770 11678 @190958
JAWA 42 155000 12670 @1770 11497 @180937

7. Are they more expensive than ROYAL ENFIELD?

a. We can’t compare them, both are different in its class.

8. KICK START is there or not?

a. NO there is no KICK START

9. What is the mileage?

a. Approximately 35-40 km/ltr (it depends on your riding style,but it will be around 35-40 km/ltr)

10. Does price change with color?

a. NO

11. Why spokes not alloy wheels.

a. Classic look. Better than alloy in terms of long term maintenance

12. Why tyres with tubes?

a. With spokes, tubeless tyres will not be compatible.

13. What is the booking amount?

a. Booking can be done at a dealership near you and they will advise you about the prices.

14. How about the delivery of my bike?

a. Delivery of the bike will happen thru dealer mapped nearest to you and the delivery will start from March 2019 for old bookings.

b. Fresh bookings waiting time is 8 months

15. What about service center or the service of my Bike?

a. All JAWA Dealerships will be SSS – Sales, Service & Spares.

16. Can I get my old Jawa Serviced here?

a. No as the current dealerships will be equipped to handle the current range only.

17. Can I get parts for my old Jawa from the dealerships?

a. No we can only supply related to the current range only.

18. Where can I get a test ride?

a. Dealerships will update for the test ride. We don’t have online booking available for test ride.

19. Who will inform me regarding availability of my booking? What if the delivery gets delayed?

a. We will be in touch with you regarding booking status or you can also call us at 18002104200 in case of any query. Will share if any change in delivery period in advance.

20. Vehicle Specification:

a. Maximum torque -28 NM (Newton Meter)

b. Fuel tank capacity – 14 L

c. Ground clearance – 165 mm

d. Pickup-

e. RPM-

f. Fuel knob details-

g. Reserve capacity- 3 litres

h. Maximum Power - 27 BHP

i. Compression – 11:1

j. Bore Stroke(mm)- 76 x 65

k. Front Tyre- 90/90 - 18

l. Rear Tyre- 120/80 – 17

m. Front Brakes- Dia 280 mm disc with floating caliper and ABS

n. Rear Brakes- Drum brake 153 mm

o. Seat Height- 765

p. Wheel Base- 1369

q. Front Suspension- Telescopic Hydraulic Fork

r. Rear Suspension- Gas Canister- Twin Shock Hydraulic

s. Top speed 125kmph

t. Battery: Sealed lead acid

u. ABS version or not {yes it has single channel ABS for front wheel}

v. KICK Start- No KICK START only self-starts)

w. Type of Tyres- (Tube tyre)

x. Height from ground without Mirrors- 1090 mm



21. Are there any offers on launch of this vehicle?

a. There are no discount offers on the vehicle as of now, but finance scheme will be available, and Dealers will update on the same.

22. In how many state & cities Jawa dealerships is available?

a. (share location list) Dealership is going Live by December 15, 2018 (Slowly and gradually all of them will be operational)

b. If location is not on the list, then politely tell him that: - “Sir as of Now we don’t have dealers available in your Location, but we will update you as soon as we come in your City”

23. Can customer service his Jawa vehicle from where he purchases the vehicle or is there any different dealers are available for servicing?

a. All our dealers can also service vehicles. Basis convenience customer can go to any authorized service center for Jawa for the new range only.

24. Can customer service his Jawa vehicle in all the Mahindra dealership?

a. No- JAWA motorcycle will be service only at JAWA dealer or service center.

25. Are Jawa parts are available at all Mahindra dealership?

a. No- only at JAWA dealer or service center.

26. Can Customer Exchange Mahindra vehicle with Jawa, what will be the discount?

a. Currently JAWA is not offering any exchange facility.

27. Jawa vehicle warranty details: Standard Warranty Period & Extended?

a. Only standard available. 2years/30,000km whichever occurs earlier

b. Currently no Extended warranty.

28. Jawa Service Schedule details (How many service are available and is it free of cost or chargeable)?

a. 4 free services.

b. 1st free service-1month/1000km

c. 2nd service – 6month / 6000km

d. 3rd service – 12month/ 12000km

e. 4th service – 18 month / 18000km

29. Which Battery is used in Jawa?


30. Which air is used in Jawa tyres?

a. Normal air

31. Which Speedo Meter is available in Jawa (Analog or Digital)?

a. It’s a combination of Analog and Digital features, yet its timeless in Design and Aesthetic)

32. What will be additional accessories in free of cost?

a. Saree guard

b. Engine bash plate

c. Radiator Grill

d. Number Plate

e. Leg Guard

33. What are the additional accessories customer need to purchase at the time of vehicle delivery?

a. No mandatory accessories to be purchased along with the bike. However, a helmet, either bring your own or buy from dealership, is mandatory to ride the bike out of the showroom.

34. Where is Classic Legends located?

a. Classic Legends is headquartered in Pimpri chinchwad, Pune where the corporate office is present. The company has a ground up Sales channel across the Top cities in India.

35. Where is the manufacturing facilities of Jawa .

a. We have state of the art manufacturing facilities in PITHAMPUR which is near to Indore – MP.

36. What is the difference between Classic Legends and Mahindra Two wheeler.

a. Classic Legends and Mahindra two wheelers are two separate entities.

b. Both have different product lines and dealership networks

c. Classic legends own the “JAWA Motorcycles”.

d. Mahindra two wheelers have their separate range of two wheelers.

37. Is this bike available in CSD.

a. Jawa Motorcycles are currently available only through civilian sales channel, we will notify you when we start CSD operations.

38. Is Jawa going to sell to Para Military and Armed Forces .

a. Jawa Motorcycles currently has no such plans.

39. When are you launching Yezdi?. Will same showrooms sell the same?

a. Right now, we are focusing only on Jawa brand of Motorcycles.

40. When are your plans for BSA?. Will it will be available for sales in India.

a. Right now, we are focusing only on Jawa brand of Motorcycles

41. Can I get coordinates of Jawa team?

a. Right now you can either call on our toll free number (18002665666) or send an EMAIL to care@jawamotorcycles.com

42. When are you launching third model (PERAK).

This Is just the Unveiling and we will let you know when it will hit the market.

43. what are the finance schemes?

All the Leading Financers are available. Once the Dealership is Active we will update you on the Same.

44. Engine Is made up of what?

a. Engine is made of Aluminum.

b. Cylinder Block has CAST IRON Enforcement.

45. What is the Amount for becoming a Dealer and what are the required Documents we need to submit?

Sir you will be updated by our JAWA Team as we don’t have that information available. You can fill up the Become a Dealer form and directly you will be notified by our Team.

46. Can Customer Pre-book the 2nd Bike on fake name /same name?

NO you can’t book it on fake name, because he must show a Valid Govt. ID Proof at the time of Delivery.

47. Can Customer Pre-book the 2nd Bike on Friends / Relatives name?

Any Name needs Govt. ID proof at the time of Delivery.

48. Customer wants to become a Dealer / wants to Arrange a Tournament/ wants a Franchises/ book a Theater/ wants to advertise JAWA / any request related to any Event or any Special Request!

a. Please tell them to fill the Contact form. (Top Right Corner)

49. What are the additional charges in First 4 Free Services?

a. Consumables are Chargeable like Oil Change.

50. Old Jawa motorcycles does Kick Start? what if electric start is not working?

a. This is a Modern Engine with an Exide 12v 9Amp Battery.

51. Manufacturing Details:


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