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Mahindra Collectibles

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There are millions of people who are passionately involved in car collecting. From the British roadster to the old muscle car you bought in your college days might still mesmerise you whenever you look at them. However, purchasing the collectibles might cost you a fortune in the past. Even if you still want to thrive in the market, you can still add some Mahindra Collectibles to your collection and that too within an affordable price. It is known that many car enthusiasts love showing off the prototype or miniature cars from their collection. Here is Mahindra's new and wide range of prototype cars on its official shopping site. Take a look at these collectibles and choose as per your desire.

Investing in different types of collectibles

Before buying any prototype cars, have you wondered what makes a car collectible? Well, if you think it through, when vehicles with historical backdrops or importance paved the way for new technology or raised the customer's expectations, it becomes collectible, primarily because of their looks and style. For example, celebrity ownership and racing history also influence a car's allure of becoming a cult. Therefore, you will see that the most expensive collectible cars combine all these attributes.

Mahindra Collectibles is considered one of the best prototypes of all time. The official shopping cart, m2all, has four different prototypes that are enough to make you nostalgic about your childhood. Take the RoadMaster G90 Motor grader, for example. This toy Motor Grader model is made up of durable ABS material, making it absolutely non-toxic and safe for children. The size of a replica is one of the most important factors; this 10.5 cm car has a movable loader arm, Boom, Dipper and front and rear wheels.

Next, Mahindra KUV100 is an absolute head-turner from the inside out. Being a 1:32 scale model, this car can easily compete with miniatures from NASCAR and others by its looks. With its die-cast metal body, it is considered as one of a kind. It comes with fascinating features like an openable Bonnet, front doors and tailgate. Also, it has battery operated LED lights that give you the feeling of having the actual SUV. Its refined interior detailing of dashboards and seats is something to marvel at! This Mahindra KUV100 also comes in different colours of red and white as m2all made it sure that you can have it all!

The third in a row is Mahindra's EarthMaster Backhoe Loader Scale Model. With time the automobile world has indeed changed drastically, introducing modern and cutting-edge technology to move the whole world forward. And the EarthMaster ofMahindra Collectibles is no exception. And keeping this in mind, the miniature model of this vehicle can add extra shine to your showcase or instil a sense of pure joy once you hold it in your hand. With rotating front and rear wheels, movable arm, dipper and buckets, this model can make you jump once you purchase it at a considering price.

Mahindra left no exception for tractors also. Mahindra Arjun Novo Toy Tractor is a win-win if you opt to buy one from m2all. And you won't even regret it if you gift it to any car-lover or the kids on special occasions. This 1:22 scaled NOVO 605 DI-i model has rotating front and rear wheels and is made of durable ABS material that makes it non-toxic and child-friendly. You can buy it from m2all as this shopping site offers these die-casts within an affordable range, and its detailed design will never cease to amaze you once you add it to your collection.

Availability of genuine die-cast cars online

Prototypes are designed solely to match with real cars. From adult people to children, every car-lover is identical when it comes to having fine miniatures in their possession. But few shopping sites sell genuine collectibles. Before buying them, you need to check on the paintwork, the production parts, figures and attachments on the collectibles. But the question remains where you can buy all these genuine prototypes? Well, the answer is at m2all. Here you can buy the die-cast models mentioned above at an affordable price.


1. What makes a car collectible?

The historical importance of any can that managed to leave a mark on the consumers' expectations is considered as collectible.

2. How to know if they are genuine?

Buy from a trusted shopping site and also check for the product verification number.

3. Do they come in different colours?

Yes. They do. Check m2all for more colour options.


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