MeraKisan Organic Bajra / Pearl Millet - 500 gms

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  • Brand MeraKisan
  • Product Type Bajra/Pearl Millet
  • Quantity in Pack 1


MeraKisan Organic Bajra (or known as Pearl Millet) is a powerhouse of nutrients, devoid of any harmful pesticides and chemicals which can ruin our bodies. It is grown by USDA-Certified Organic Farming techniques, and is locally sourced from farmers practicing Organic Farming. 


MeraKisan Organic Bajra is gluten -free. MeraKisan Organic Bajra is essential for protecting your muscular system and is known for its high amounts of Vitamin B, which allows it to break down the carbohydrates and fats in your body. Bajra is considered to be an excellent source of essential minerals like Iron, Magnesium & Phosphorous. Organic Bajra is also rich in Fiber, which is necessary for healthy weight management. It is also rich in antioxidants and fiber, which are necessary to detox the body. It also contains high amounts of Antioxidants and Complex Carbs, which are good for you!


MeraKisan Organic Bajra can be used to make healthy Parathas and Rotis. It can also be used along with other flours (like wheat) to make Parathas and other Indian Breads.


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  • 4 divya desai - June 18, 2019

    Attractive and simple packing!! Quantity and quality is good. Totally worth the price!! Texture of the grain is also fine. Quick delivery by m2all.

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