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  • Dimensions
    138 cm*61 cm*51 cm

  • Weight
    35 KGS

  • Age Category
    Kids from 3-6 years

  • Material Used
    ABS Plastic

  • Capacity
    Seating for 1 kid

  • FM Radio
    FM Radio

  • USB Player
    USB Player

  • Battery
    12V Rechargeable Battery


About Ride-on Toy Tractor!

Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-On is a kid-friendly version of the actual Mahindra Arjuna Novo Tractor.
This toy tractor gives a hands-on experience of riding a tractor to the kids. The ride-on tractor for kids hives a sense of independence to the kids who can drive the tractor on their own, equipped with gears and steering wheel.
This ride-on has a built-in FM radio and a USB Player, so that your kids have a great time every time! This 12V battery-powered ride-on comes with a comfortable seat (for 1 kid), a seat belt for utmost safety and comes with 2 modes of riding: Manual and remote-operated.



Two Modes of Operation

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on can be operated by either one of the 2 ways – Manual or Remote-Operated. The kids can ride the tractor on their own with ease with Forward & Reverse function, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction! If you want to control, you can simply switch to the remote-operated mode for safer driving. This mode works best for your little ones, who can’t drive on their own.


Loaded with Fun Features

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on is packed with tons of awesome features for the kids to have new and enriching experiences each time they drive! This ride-on toy keeps the kids delighted and engrossed with hi-tech features like a USB player, which the kids can use to play their favourite songs on-the-go. When fully charged, your kids can have loads of fun for 90 minutes non-stop!


100% Fun, Indoors and Outdoors

The Mahindra Novo toy tractor Ride-on gives your kid new ways to enjoy! It can be driven INDOORS as well as OUTDOORS. All you need is a smooth, flat surface and see your kids vrooming all the way! With added features like USB Player & FM radio, their fun is definitely going to multiply manifold! With shock absorbers, and seat belt, your kids are going to be very safe!


Safety for your lil munchkins!

We at Mahindra believe that safety is of paramount importance. The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on is very safe for your kids. It has a sturdy seat belt so that your kids do not fall off from the toy tractor. For those parents who want to make sure their kids do not drive dangerously, there is a remote-control functionality, giving, you, the parent, complete control over the safety of your child!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of battery is used? How many hours will this toy take to fully charge?

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on is equipped with a 12V Battery. It requires 8 hours charging. Overcharging can lead to Battery Damage or leakage which is not covered under Warranty.

How many kids can sit at one time?

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on has a 1-seater capacity. So, only 1 kid can sit at a time.

Materials used?

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on is made with ABS Plastic.

What is the exact speed (in Km/h) of the tractor?

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on has 3 Speed positions (through remote only) - 2.5kms, 3kms, 4kms per hour

After a full charge, how many hours can it be operated?

When fully charged, The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on can be used for One and a half hour of continuous driving.

Can it be driven only indoors? Or outdoor as well?!

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on can be driven indoors and outdoors on smooth surfaces only. It is advised to not be taken on roads.

Does it make any sounds? Specifically Engine and Horn?

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on has Horn function only. The engine does not make any sound.

How and where will the product be serviced (For battery replacement or any other issue)?

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on can be serviced at the nearest First Cry Dealer. Alternatively, the required part(s) can be sent to the customer’s residence and they can get it repaired by a local toy dealer.

What is the warranty period of the ride-on?

The Mahindra Novo Toy Tractor Ride-on comes with a warranty of 6 months. It does not cover the physical damages done by the child. For more information, you can call on 02250 699 090 (Toll-free)

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